VIP Reservations

Improve the experience of your VIP customers with an agile personalized attention minimizing waiting times

Manage VIP bookings in an agile way without waiting times

Offer exceptional customer service. Reduce waiting times to your customers and always stay one step ahead.

Interactive map of your VIP areas

With our technology you will be able to create any VIP space in Discocil in a simple way.

Get pre paid reservations and avoid the no-show bookings.

Keep the absolute control of the number of spaces reserved, managed and charged. Knowing at all times the free tables, which metre attended each table and the profitability for each space.

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Get a complete control of the consumption of your VIP areas

Control in real time the consumption per table and the expenditure per customer during the whole event. You will have at your disposal all the information about any process through which the reservation passes.

Offer innovation to your customers and employees

Your workers will be more productive and will offer a better service to your customers. Your customers will notice how the premium service they have paid for is reflected in every single detail. From a confirmation e-mail after making a reservation to a satisfaction survey issued after the event.

Increases the profitability of your venues with Fourvenues
Full access without credit card registration