Guest List

Simplify the management of your Guest List

Measure in real time the attendance percentage

Measure during the event the number of attendees which have arrive and those who havent arrive yet.

Modify any price of your products from your mobile device

Change your guest list conditions in the simplest way. All your updates will be inmediatly actualize in all your selling platforms.

Limit the commitments of your PR´s members

Limit your Guest List, either by time zones or quantity

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Reward your best customers with an exclusive fast pass

Send your VIP clients a season fast pass with special offers and discounts which they can easily safe it in their mobile wallet.

Get to know everything about your customer and talk directly to them

Complete your database with all the information collected at the Guest List forms. Ask your customers any data which can help to improve your marketing and loyalty estrategies.

Know the performance of all your sales channels and PR´s

Analize your customers: the amount spend, assistance frecuency and get to know their preferences.

Increases the profitability of your venues with Fourvenues
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