Automatic reports

Monitor your most important indicators in real time

Take better decisions based on real data

Every detail you need to know about your business, updated in real time. No mistakes, no delays.

Discover the PR or sales channels that bring you the most benefits

Bet on your best sales channels and improve your business performance.

Get information about the attendees of your events

Collect any data from your attendees and learn how to make a greater impact on them.

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Control the capacity of your event in real time

The reception function will allow you to know at all times the total number of people within your event. Allowing you to know at a glance the percentage of capacity you have covered.

Hire only the staff you need

Our algorithm will show you an attendance forecast for your event based on: ticket sales rates, guest list creation and booking requests. This way you can invest only in the necessary staff and save on cost.

Increases the profitability of your venues with Fourvenues
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